Manhattan Tree Topography Manhattan Tree Topography Manhattan Tree Topography

2015 Street Tree Census


Our project – Manhattan Tree Topography – is a celebration of New York City’s street tree population through a data-driven, wooden map. The map is based on the NYC Street Tree Census data and will showcase the diversity and volume of New York’s tree population. Each neighborhood is represented through a block in different height and material. The height signifies the amount of trees, whereas the wood represents the most prevalent tree. The sculpture is interactive: by picking up blocks the audience can uncover further information on NYC’s tree life and experience the haptic qualities of the wood.



Katrin Bichler / Design:

Katrin designs data visualizations and user experiences at Two-N. She studied visual communication in Vienna and Copenhagen. Her focus is on design activism and how information design can solve problems, ask questions and take on issues in a broad social context. See her personal work at


Hermann Zschiegner / Principal:

Hermann’s obsession for visualizing data, combined with his passion for interaction design, is rooted in his background in Architecture. For the past 15 years he has designed data-driven user interfaces and visualizations in the financial service industry. His work at TWO-N has earned numerous awards. In addition he published a number of Artist Books and his work was shown at Rencontres d’Arles, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Gagosian Gallery in New York and Paris, the FotoMuseum in Antwerpen, as well as at the Museum Brandhorst in Munich.


Alec Barrett / Development:

Alec is the lead developer at Two-N. He is a member of Community Board 9 in Manhattan, is active in local politics, and engages with the civic tech community through BetaNYC. He was previously a data analyst at a non-profit organization and a Teach for America corps member, and has a master’s degree in education. Alec is an alum of the Recurse Center.


Natalie Erdem / Project Management:

Natalie has a background in the environmental field, working for the New York City Parks Department, running a program that focused on Environmental Education, Ecological Restoration and Urban Forestry. At TWO-N, Natalie applies her organizational skills to running the studio and keeping the project she manages on-track.

Gustavo Bonet of Nodus was the fabricator for Manhattan Tree Topography.